Thursday, December 16, 2004

Obituary photo

I was looking at the obituaries in the newspaper today. If I ran a newspaper I'd put the obituaries opposite the funnies, as kind of a little pick me up for when grandpa gets hit by a car. I get thrown sometimes looking at the photos, it'll be a picture of a nice young man in an aviation uniform, but then I read the first couple lines and it turns out it was some 87 year old dude who just though everyone else was going the wrong direction on the freeway. I mean, are there a certain number of years you're allowed to go back for the photo, or do they even screen the pictures? Hell, if you're going to put in a picture from 40 years ago, you might as well put someone else's. Go take that guy in the graduation photo out of the new frame you bought mom for Christmas. Even better if it has nothing to do with you, like a wedding photo, "I thought his wife was blonde,"or "I didn't even know Chuck had children, let alone Chinese ones." I decided that when I die I'm gonna run my Halloween picture from when I was 12 years old. People would be flipping the pages and see this little boy in a care bear outfit and be all sad...then they read the caption about this 93 year old man who had an aneurysm looking at porn on the internet. "What the hell?" First they would be all sad, then disgusted, then they'd turn the page and read the comics.


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