Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It means no worries

I would lose so much money if I ever went on Jeopardy. Not because I wouldn't know all the answers, but because I'd say something stupid every time they asked a question.

Trebec: "The U.S. Special Forces motto first chanted in 1913 by frogmen before going into battle"

Patrick: "What is, hakunamatta"

Trebec: "I'm, sorry. No. Thats, incorrect."

For some reason I picture William Shatner as the host whenever I play that scene out in my mind.


There is a special place in hell reserved for the person who designed the blister pack with the two square inch bottom and a slightly off-center c.o.g.

Thou shall not steal this book...

We were doing inventory today at Staples and we're short one of those electronic bibles. Who the hell steals a bible? I guess they wouldn't know it was wrong until they got it home but they really should have brought it back by now.

Observation of the Day

The second ingredient in my cereal is iron. There is a slight aftertaste of I-beam.

It is also a proven scientific fact that Total can kill vampires. I read it on the internet.