Thursday, January 27, 2005

Heh, good morning

So I'm lying in bed this morning and someone's pounding at the front door and ringing the doorbell and I've got my head under both pillows but they just won't go away. There's 5 people who live in this house and that population can range from anywhere from half to double that depending on who went home and who brought people back from the bars and whether or not we have a midget over, so I never answer the door. Finally after 20 minutes I got pissed and got up, jerked open the front door, and yelled, "Who the hel--O, gooooood morning officer." Heh, yeah.

-"Sorry, I was sleeping" (It was 11:00am)
-"Were you out late last night"(Looking at his watch)
-"Nope, went to bed early." (I said, looking at his watch)
-"Um..."(He said, looking at his watch again)
-"yawn"(Both looking at his watch)
-"It's, uh.."(Looking at the sun, looking back at his watch)
-"Yup."(Looking at his watch once more, this time squinting a little, then cocking my head sideways when he eyeballed me, kinda walking the line as I like to call it... Once more at the watch)

But he wasn't what you would call a cheery sort of fellow. Well, I don't know what you would call a cheery sort of fellow, I mean, I wouldn't call him that. And I didn't. But we had a fun morning talking about a variety of things like why our driveway had big muddy tire tracks in it as someone had torn up the neighborhood park the night before, and you know, opera. Good times.

So I think one of my roomies has a warrant out, which is cool.


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