Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Not actual size

Catechize me this: Who decides what country is what color on a map? I for one, am fond of representing spheres with rectangles and therefore have two large maps upon my wall. One is political, titled "WORLD MAP"and one is physical, labeled "THE WORLD," but I have a strong suspicion that they're both earth.
I seriously doubt you could find any country that makes a world map and labels itself pink, as I recall that is what caused the Nigerian civil war. I personally don't see any inherent relation between Kazakhstan and Brazil, and neither have returned my calls. The CIA seems to designate everybody as a warm taupe. On my map Greenland is purple. Which, I think is why kids bring guns to school.
I find the answer to be elusory, which is a synonom for elusive, along with slippery and perfidious, which I had to look up. Mankind may never know just why Antarctica is white but I for one, smell dissertation.


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