Saturday, February 19, 2005

Goal of the day:

Have you slapped your Poststructuralist today?

Question of the day:

Is a pen like a pen?

Word of the day:



I changed the settings so anyone can post comments now, apparently it was restricted to bloggers only. So if you have a comment or suggestion, please feel free to post it so I can delete it later.

Well, shampoo is expensive...

Michelle: "I had to flush one of my fishes yesterday becaues he had ick."

Patrick: "But ick's treatable. I hope you don't shoot your kids one day if they get dandruff."

Why I shouldn't be a teacher

Patrick: "Beef?"
Yukari: "What?"
Patrick:"Sorry, I mean 'whats for dinner?'"
Yukari:"What what?"

I suspect sabotage

I was just driving back from Gabe's house and on California there's a little Mexican restaurant called Tonita's. The light had burned out on the 'i' so it says "Ton ta's" which is funny.

Quote of the Day:

Michelle: "I love learning random facts."
Patrick: "New Zealand's only native land mammal is a bat."
Michelle:"But bats are air mammals!"