Sunday, May 01, 2005

Conversation at the rock climbing gym:

I went rock climbing the other day and there were these two guys climbing. One was an experienced climber and the other probably had someone help him with his shoelaces. They did that thing where they talked:

Some guy: Dood, you're still on that run? You've been up there for like 20 minutes.
Some other guy: You missed it man, it was crazy. The rope broke and I almost died!
The first guy again: You're rope broke? So you're just hanging there defying gravity right now?
The wall guy: Um, yeah. You know, God protects his chosen people.
Me: So is it allright if I untie this end down here then?

At this point my friend Paul laughed and fell off the wall next to him so I shouted "sinner!"

Word of the day:


This just in:

I found out today that I can enhance my maleness and increase my performance if I buy diamonds from Nigeria. As soon as I finish my degree online I'll be all over that like sand on kitty poo.

Thought of the day:

What if birds were ticklish?

Did you know that it's not spelled tickelish? Tell your friends.

Wow, o wow.

This is supposed to be one of the longest palindromes ever. I guess that for english majors this is like word porn or something. I especially like the last sentence: "I vomit on rats."

I'm sure that somebody put a lot of time into this, but it seems more to me something convicts write on their walls with poop.


Q: What do you call someone who always changes the subject?

A: I like tuna.

You smell like feet

Q: What is the difference between an elephant and a plum?

A: A plum is purple.

Oh, no-no, of course not

That wasn't the funny of which I spoke.

A whole new plastic carton of phyla Annelidas

As an avid fisherman as a child, fisherchild, you might say, I wouldn't, I have purchased many worms in my life, but never, do I recall them coming in a can.

New laptop

A good friend of mine lent me a laptop for my last quarter of college, and I was playing around with the power settings yesterday. It has settings such as always on and minimal battery usage. I enabled it to use as many resources as possible, and now it says: American.