Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh yeah, heh.

There's this crazy homeless guy who often comes into work to make copies of his crazyness so that he can pass it on to others. The first time he handed me one such copy I was genuinely interested and I began to read it, but I soon learned he gives new meaning to the word non-sensical, and my face kinda scrunched up as if I was doing long division of quantities of raw sewage, and he goes:
-You probably can't understand it because you don't read the bible!
To which I replied, "Or eat paint"


So much funny has transpired since the last time I posted I ran out of places to put it all and I had to give it to the Good Will. This was last week though:

Customer: Do you have any of those little L-shaped mirrors that clip on to the side of your monitor so that you can see behind you for when someone comes into your cubical?

Me: No, but we do have chairs that, swivel.

He did not enjoy that but myself and everyone in line at register 3 got a tickle.

I lost your number

Well I should have writtin, I know I know. But life took a turn for the three hours of sleep per night; and to be frankly quite about it, my blog got overtaken on my list of priorities, as did sleep and prioritizing, though I never did know where to put that. So if the lack of eloquent prose makes a scratching sound across your monitor be patient with me as I work the rust out.
Brief recap on life. Graduated Cal Poly. Moving to Japan a week from tomorrow. Working at Staples days and Home Depot nights until that time.