Saturday, October 07, 2006

F U 2

For my last post I had to type in the scrambled letters at the bottom to verify that I'm a real person before it would post.

The letters were 'fudik.'

I've got two more

I have a class with some elderly ladies once a week and we were discussing expressions for dissapointments the other day. Things like, "O well" and "What can you do" and some more serious ones like, "I'm so sorry to hear about your Wife/Dog."
They were having a hard time distinguishing what levels of severity each expression conveys, especially "O Well." The example that I gave (wrote it on the board) was this:

A-san: "I lost your pen."
B-san: "Oh, well."

A-san: "I lost your baby."
B-san: "Oh, well."

How did it go you ask? If I make them laugh like that again two of them will probably die.

(at which point the class would respond, "oh, well.")

Brief recap on me:

I live in Kyoto, Japan. I teach English 4 days a week at a private school. I eat bagels 3 days a week in my kitchen. I train in Kung Fu and Philipino fighting sticks 2 days a week.

Life is greatastic. I have lots of free time and I really enjoy work. Still don't know if I want to continue on for a Masters and be and ESL teacher fo life. I'll have been here 11 months in two hours.

Please send me an email at p underscore evans at hotmail dot com. If you can't figure that out then send me one at I check it daily.

I have an extra room if anyone wants to visit.


There's a chance that I might start writing here again. Funnyness has continued throughout the absence and I lament the amount of unrecorded laughynesstimes.


I farted in a bakery today, I think that means I'm going to hell.