Sunday, October 08, 2006

RIP SeXibLaster885

I must play too many video games. I was looking at and one of the headlines was "Quake victims mourned a year later" and it took me a good couple of seconds to realize they were talking about an earthquake.

I was like, "Man that must have been some serious pwnage!"

Go on without me

When the kids come into the classroom (I teach English btw) I usually ask them a few simple questions. I guess I've been doing the same ones for a while because today a little girl started answering as soon as she came through the door. I'm not making this up, I wrote it down right after it happened so I wouldn't forget.

Patrick: Hello Mayumi! Ho-
Mayumi: I'm fine thank you.
Patrick: Um, how are you?
Mayumi: I am six years old.
Patrick: Honey, wait until I ask the quest-
Mayumi: I like strawberries.
Patrick: Um...okay.
Mayumi: Purple.
Patrick: Good times.

She then gave a little bow and went to her seat.